The Lyon County Museum

The creation of a museum in Yerington was
envisioned during the local celebration of the
United States Bicentennial in 1976.
In 1978 the Lyon County Museum Society
purchased the Seventh Day Adventist
Church on Yerington's Main Street. This
building had been a Community Church in
the town of Mason since 1911 and had been
moved to Yerington in 1930.
More space was soon needed for exhibits,
and in 1980 the Annex was added thanks to
a grant from the Max Fleischmann
Over the years, new exhibit buildings were
moved to the Museum grounds and
refurbished, including three one-room school
houses, a general store, a blacksmith shop,
and an historic gas station. In 2002, a new
building devoted to exhibits on mining,
railroad transportation, and local historical
persons was constructed with a grant from
the E.L.Wiegand Foundation. In addition,
many outdoor exhibits have been added to
the Museum collection over the years.
The Lyon County Museum is not supported
by Lyon County taxpayers and receives its
funding from memberships, donations,
memorials, and, most recently, profits from
the Lyon County Museum Thriftstore. The
Museum is operated entirely by volunteers,
including a fifteen member Board of
Directors, Museum tour guides, and Thrift
Store workers.
For more information about the Lyon County
Museum, please contact us at 775-463-6576