The Main Building houses collections and
displays of clothing, house wares, clocks, a
barbershop, kitchen, bedroom, and Court
House office in the Enide Johnson Gallery.
A separate room contains pictures and
displays from the Anaconda Copper Co. at
Weed Heights, a major local industry from
1951 to 1978.
Restrooms, telephone, and gift shop are also
in the Main Building. The gift shop has books,
postcards, souvenirs, and other items of
interest for sale.
The Annex to the Main Building was
constructed and financed through a
Fleischmann Foundation grant. The Annex
contains displays of quilts and clothing, toys,
dolls, a living room scene, firearms, Native
American arts and crafts, musical
instruments, and gambling equipment. The
Gallery in the Annex exhibits works by local
artists and changes every few months.

Museum Gallery exhibits: (above) Watercolors and
oils by local artists. (below) Native American
ledger art by Evan Pellegrini.
An early ranchhouse kitchen
Uniforms from Civil War to Desert Storm
Foot-pumped organ from the Gallagher Ranch