The Museum Gift Shop has one of
the finest collections of books on
subjects of local interest available

We have histories of Mason
Valley and surrounding areas,
biographies of famous and
not-so-famous local persons,
books on subjects from mining to
rock-collecting, and local atlases
and maps.


Two of our popular titles:

Dr. Mary: the story of Mary Hill
Fulstone, M.D. a Nevada Pioneer
by Dixie Westergard, and
Wovoka and the Ghost Dance
by Michael Hittman


In the Gift Shop you will also find
an assortment of postcards,
souvenirs, and gift items.

We also feature handmade key
chains, jewelry items, and pine
needle baskets, all made by local

We also have a number of FREE
items, including state and local
maps, brochures, and audio CD's
with travel information.